Home at last

Home at last… believe it or not, our trip to the United States is over! They say time flies when you‘re having fun and it seems like this was also true for us! So, what remains to be said about this trip, now that we‘ve been back home for a couple of days?

Was it exhausting? Certainly, getting used to Jetlag takes some time and toll (I‘m still suffering… or am I suffering again?) and getting up at 5 am almost every day was tough.. but there is nothing that can‘t be cured with a p&j sandwich 🥪 and a slice of Havarti (there just ain’t no party without Havarti). Outsiders will find these lines confusing but rest assured, my fellow teachers Fritz and Birgit (who has been a great and welcoming host just like her husband Rick and Golden Retriever Bentley) know what I‘m talking about.

Was it entertaining?  
I didn’t see any lessons at Prior Lake High this time but school weeks passed quickly anyway  because I had brought some school work. So, in no time at all the last evening (German Evening) came and turned out to be very successful: food and laughter were plenty…and I get the feeling that our students and their hosts have reached a close bond, goal achieved 😉.


Was it exciting? I must admit I had dreaded the rather longish trip to Washington. F7D1EA14-E80D-47C7-9DEF-57A6EAFA0016Sure we had come up with a plan for each day before, but would it work out? As someone a little biased (New York City and Chicago seemed to offer so much more), I can now give in: D.C. and nearby Alexandria (see pictures below) are worth a longer visit, after all. D.C. wasn’t named one of the top travel destinations 2020 for no reason…

Well, there is the Capitol and the rather unimpressive White House (Quote: all of our students) but there’s way more to Washington: museums like the Smithsonians or the Holocaust Museum are high class and entertaining to John and Jane Doe, their children and a group of students from Germany. And Alexandria with it‘s colonial buildings and little shops and ice cream parlors is Instagrammily beautiful.
C95DA8E1-800A-4A40-B75F-709577916656Was it extraordinary? What makes a trip ordinary anyway? Good weather? It seems like we went through all four seasons in two weeks. I must remember to bring a big coat next time. A quiet and well behaved student group? Nobody wants any of the two extremes, total rowdies or shy wall flowers. This year’s group was neither, but they were a group we could always rely on (and they seemed to rely on each other 😉 see picture below) and who where always fun to talk to.

33259876-16DB-4ED3-97AC-9EC89EFE8FD7And now, I would like to conclude this blog by employing the one and only true words…

All in all, the exchange was interesting but boring and chill but exhausting. Would do it again, but not tomorrow.



by MsDWeiss