Lost in Washington

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Today was our third day in Washington DC. We started with a balanced breakfast in our hotel. Some of the students even went to the gym before breakfast.

After that, we visited different museums. The students could choose among all the Smithsonians: e.g. the Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Natural History Museum and many others.


Madita and I walked through the National Gallery of Art. The architecture of the building was impressive as well as all the sculptures and paintings in it.


A85F68F7-B21E-47AE-BBA7-94227581C3E3.jpegIn the afternoon, we had a guided tour through the Capitol of the United States. The building was very incredible and all paintings were drawn by an Italian artist. In the hallway that leads to the old committee room, he left some circles so that other artists could fill these with incisive events which happened after the first artist’s death. The stains on the stairs are made up of the blood of a senator who got shot by another because of a presumed affair with the latter’s wife.



The view from the balcony was so beautiful since we could see all of Washington.

Afterwards, we had about 4 hours free time to explore downtown Washington. Madita and I had lunch in a frumpy bar. But the food was good.

Then, we looked for the next metro station to get to our meeting point. That was where the trouble started…

First, it took us about an hour to find the next metro station. We asked many people for directions and in doing so we got lost in a remote quarter of Washington.

When we finally found a metro station (thanks to the two nice ladies from Chicago!) our next problem came up: we had no clue of how to recharge our tickets for the ride so we had to explain our issue to an employee.

Finally, and with relief we just got onto the next train without checking its destination. And of course: we realized our ride went to the Pentagon where we did not want to go. So our only chance to get to the meeting point in time was by asking people again. And indeed: we arrived after an hour’s ride through almost the entire of Washington.

The main thing: we arrived at the meeting point in time and we were proud of ourselves!

~Madita & Celia