Discovering Washington DC

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Our first day in Washington, really exciting…

Because the teachers let us sleep in today, our breakfast was at 9am and we left the hotel at 10am to discover Washington.

First we went to the Capitol and took lots of pictures.

FUNFACT: We used Mr. Metz as our jacket stand.

Behind the Capitol there was a demonstration of people who support Trump. They had flags and clothes saying “Trump 2020” and “let’s keep America great”.

After admiring the Capitol we visited the Washington Monument, which is 500 feet (169 meters) high.

FUNFACT: It plays a big role in Spider Man : Far From Home.

Then we walked over to the site we personally were most excited to see: the White House.

LUNCH TIME: For lunch we went to the Ronald Reagan Building with it’s huge food court – everyone was able to order the food they liked.


Afterwards we visited Arlington National Cemetry to see where John F. Kennedy and his family rest. Walking along the paths it was somewhat shocking and impressive to see how many graves there are.

Next we planned to go see the Pentagon Memorial, but there is construction work going on and it is completely closed.


So we went to the Pentagon Mall, where we had two hours of free shopping time.


We all really liked the day. We got really nice impressions of Washington and had lots of fun. But we also were really exhausted, so we went straight back to our hotel. Most of us then met with friends or went to the gym.

And that is how we let our evening fade out.

-Mifi Mbute & Dania Lima