Welcome to Washington

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Today is the day. Our last morning in Prior Lake…

We met at 8:30am at school to leave for the airport and like always Mifi and Dania arrived 15 minutes too late, but Celia was even  later.                                                                                                                      We took a group picture and said goodbye to our host-families. It could be felt that it was hard for everyone to say goodbye – Germans and Americans. Some people even cried.


When we arrived at the airpot at 9:40am, we checked in immediately. We were prepared for major holdups, but everything went fine. Since our flight was only at 1:00pm we had nearly 2 hours free time before meeting at the gate.


FUNFACT: Mifi was taken out because she had forgotten to empty her reusable waterbottle. So the TSA tested the water and emptied her waterbottle.

The flight was at 1:00pm so we arrived here in Washington at 4:25pm local time. After collecting our suitcases, we went outside to wait for our shuttle bus. Because we are a big group we needed two busses and after nearly one hour at about 5:30pm, the first shuttle came to pick up half the group.                                                                            So Ms. Weiß took some students and they made their way to the hotel first. Mr. Metz and the rest of the students waited for another 30 minutes for the second shuttle. At about 7:00pm everyone was at the hotel.


FUNFACT: We had too many suitcases in the second shuttle so our driver piled the remaining suitcases on the front passenger seat. 


Since none of us had eaten very much all day long, we decided to walk a few blocks to Five Guys at 7:50pm – the food was delicious!


After Dinner we all went to a supermarket nearby to buy some alimentation for the next few days. On our way back to the hotel it got very windy and we were almost swept away.


In the end, everyone was glad to be back in the hotel again. It was an exhausting day and Ms. Weiß and Mr. Metz even allowed us to sleep in tomorrow.

-Mifi Mbute & Dania Lima