Bye, bye Minnesota

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Last day of school, last day in Prior Lake.
I don’t know if I speak for the others as well, but I’m really sad leaving this town and my host family behind. These 12 days were full of new experiences, and I think none of us will ever forget them.

As I said, today is the last day in high school, and I followed a girl who is in 12th grade, a senior. First lesson was precollege math which was fun since we listened to 70‘s music while solving some tasks. Second, we went to the auditorium where a politician of Minnesota told us something about voting for elections and why we should do this when we turn 18. He said that no matter what, every vote is important even if we think it’s not.

So, you heard it people: Go out and vote for what you want, show your opinion!

Biology followed and after that lunch. Finally!
In the next lesson, Anika and me had some free time because the German class wrote a test.
I spent the 5th class with the senior-girl and two of her friends who were crazy, but in a good way. One of them read out a moviescript she wrote which was pretty cool.

In preperation for the German dinner this evening, all exchange students skipped the last lesson to decorate the room and paint posters.

There was some spare time before the party started, so my exchange student Emily and I prepared food for the buffet. We worked together with Alexandra and Rachel, her exchange partner, because everyone had to make a meal.

All students and their parents met at 6pm in Frau Pope’s classroom where we built a buffet of delicious German food.
While eating, we watched a slideshow with our best moments and favorite memories. And, although there were some technical problems, this evening was so much fun. We played a game of tongue twisters: the Americans had to read out difficult German words like “Quietscheentchen” and the other way around. With applauses, we voted for who did best.

Since Frau Pope organized so many things for us, Herr Metz and Frau Weiss gave her a bouquet of flowers with a tiny football in it. So cute!
Next, we (Germans) did the “Piratentanz” and apparently we should have practiced that before, but I think, viewing it later, it was hilarious doing it spontaneously.
During that song, we invited the Americans to dance with us, and since we all enjoyed it so much, we did the “Fliegerlied” and “Das rote Pferd” too.
What it made even jollier was the little space we had to move around.
Sadly, this party ended at around 8pm. Every student went home with their exchange partner and spent the rest of the evening together.

I packed my suitcase and prepared myself for leaving. Now I’m writing this blog entry, sitting next to my exchange student who became a friend to me and it’s nearly 2am. I know I should have gone to bed earlier, but if I go, that would mean my staying in Prior Lake is totally over and honestly, I want to stay here (even if I’m excited to go to DC).

In the name of all students I want to thank the host families for having us and giving us the opportunity to experience the United States in the best possible way.

~Leonie Scheufens