37° Fahrenheit – A Fun Friday Night

Friday, October 11th, 2019

As every morning, most of us arrive at Prior Lake High School (PLHS) at about 7 AM.
The lunch room slowly fills up with students who use the early hours to finish some homework, chat with friends, or try to do both simultaneously.
After everyone has found his exchange student of the day, the first period starts at around 8 AM; but the time schedule is not as strict when your day starts with “Marching Band”.
It can be quite difficult to hold a conversation in the Marching Band practice room.
The air is filled with the various sounds of wind instruments like saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas and flutes.
Every student seems to play his own melody in his own time, because everyone wants to be ready and warmed up when the teacher enters the hall to combine all the different melodies to a whole song.
Since the band is preparing for a trip to Spain next year, Spanish music is dominating the rehearsal, and some of the students even take the opportunity to dance along to the heated music.

Second period on my schedule is Environmental Science, where the teacher prepared little treats and games to improve the students’ understanding of the new topic: evolution and the principles of natural selection.

Third class is German, where Herr Ingalsbe asks the students to share their plans on the weekend, and we – as German students – are welcome to help a little bit with the grammar exercises.

Next is English class, in which the teacher brings life to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” by having the students read the text out loud and discuss and interpret what they have just read.
American Government, which is next, turns out to be an even louder and more heated class, since all students are encouraged to engage in the conversation and share their opinions on the First Amendment of America.

But I was not able to see all of that class, since I have been asked to give thanks to Miss Super in the name of all German exchange students and our teachers: She has been responsible for our schedules at PLHS.

We said THANK YOU with a KGH-mug and a KGH-key chain, because Miss Super’s organisation allows us to see PLHS’s variety of teachers and subjects

Sixth period – Math class – includes tasks to deepen the understanding of the current topic, but that is not where my school day ends:
I get to see Knowledge Bowl practice, which is an extracurricular activity where students compete against each other in knowledge questions.

When I arrive at my host’s home, I do not get to stay there for very long.
My Friday night continues with getting picked up by one of my host’s friends and a friend of mine, with whom I spent a funny time at a thrift store (a second-hand store) and in a pizzeria.

Fun Fact: What seems to be a “margherita” (on the right) is actually called “cheese pizza” – an American margherita pizza must be served with tomatoes and basil on top

Finally, we arrive at our friends’ home, which we all enter with a sigh of relief, since we have eventually escaped the cold weather outside.
The continuous light snow fall does not bother us while carving pumpkins, eating cake and watching “The Sound of Music” – an old musical which is apparently quite popular in America.

The dirty process of carving pumpkins. Halloween is extremely popular in America; that is why the
Done! Cutting through the pumpkin’s thick skin requires a lot of time time – and sometimes an electrical knife

My car ride home concludes my day, and I am sure that everyone is just as excited as me for even more fun on the weekend.

~Anika Korobkov