KGH in Saint Paul

Thursday, October 10th, 2019


Today we (all Germans and five American students) went on a trip to Saint Paul. At 8:15 we met in front of PLHS. First, we went to a modern art park in Saint Paul by school bus.


After that, the bus took us through Saint Paul like on a sightseeing tour because we had time left before our guided tour at the James J. Hill house started.


James J. Hill was the owner of the big Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad Company, which he built from a bankrupt small Minnesotan railroad company and even expanded it to the Great Northern Railway. It was the northernmost transcontinental railway which connected Saint Paul (Minnesota) and Seattle (Washington). In his house in Saint Paul, where his family including eight of his ten children lived, they only spent three months a year. It features a giant 36000 square-foot living room area.


James Hill House is located right across Saint Paul cathedral.


After this we went to the capitol of Minnesota and got a guided tour through it. Furthermore, two Savage based politicians (one Democrat: Hunter Cantrell, one Republican: Dan Hall) talked to us and presented their role in the political system of Minnesota. We went to the rooms, in which the Minnesota senate and the House of Representatives meet and the highest state court.


Then, we also went into the Minnesotan governor’s official reception room.


After this we had lunch and went back to PLHS. Nearly everybody went to the Laker shop and bought hoodie or a shirt.

In the afternoon I went to a small nearby mall.

All in all, it was a very interesting day in Saint Paul and we learned a lot about the American political system and some of the history of Saint Paul.

-Lukas von Helden