Laker Time


Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Wednesdays mean “Lakers Time” at PLHS and that’s quite nice for the students. What’s special about this day? Well, school starts later than usual- at 9 am instead of 8.05, so most of the students can sleep in. What’s more, classes are a lot shorter.

Today was also the first day we spent with other host students than our own. I really enjoyed getting to know the other American students and taking part in different classes every day.

I spent the day with Jeffrey Miller, Lukas von Helden’s exchange student and joined him in Physics, Statistics and Economics. In Statistics class the students were prepared for the next test and were analysed different statistics.

We also got involved in the German classes and were able to help the American students. The German classes are quite fun for the students, because they are not too difficult, but they learn a lot. They speak all the time in order to practise, but whenever they are stuck, they help out with English words.

One thing that is tough for the students is that there is only one real break, the short ones are just meant for the students to change the rooms for their next class. The lunch break takes 30 minutes and is always a crazy experience. There are probably a few hundred students having lunch at the same time and going to the cafeteria.


In the evening there was a concert in a church in Prior Lake. It was a service to prepare for the confirmation. There we met many students from high school and they really enjoyed themselves. The main difference to German churches is that those in the USA are quite modern. People are joking a lot and so everybody who joined has a lot of fun.


~Julius Busch