The second day of school

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Today was our second day at PLHS and that means it was our first day with other classes than German.

We started the day with marching band practice, where we couldn’t really participate because most of us don’t play an instrument. So we listened to the music. One girl from our group was lucky and actually took part in the marching band practice since she plays the flute and her host student had offered her to play with them.


After that we had Environmental Science but they wrote a test during that class, so we went back to Frau Pope’s room to help her out as native speakers in her German class.
Next, the person we were following that day had regular German class, which means that we had our seventh German class in two days, this time with Mr. Ingalsbe.
The fourth period, Literature and Composition, got split up in half because of our lunch break and during the lesson we talked about Shakespeare ’s Hamlet.
The last two lessons were American Government and Precalculus, but we sadly didn’t get to do much there either.
We spent the rest of the day individually by doing things with our host family or just relaxing.
All in all, it was a pretty fun day and very exciting to see other lessons than German but as we didn’t do much during the lessons it was a little boring.

~ Emma Grein & Tobias Bönnen